Quaran’Zine: a response to crisis

Hey readers.

It has been quite some time. To think, just a week ago I was starting a new apprenticeship, training with Kathleen LeRoux and company to bring joy into the lives of elders as well as adults going through their own crises. The world, and my calendar, all of a sudden seemed so full and exciting — the directions I’d been gallivanting down the past couple years had all started to show new signs of life on their respective trails.

And now. Here we are. Friday, March 13th — yes it was a Friday the 13th kind of day — my inbox filled, hourly, with cancellations, updates, monitorings. My calendar all of a sudden became a whole lot emptier.

It’s astonishing to think about how different life was just a week ago.

It’s also overwhelming to see how we are adapting. Communities popping up as fast as those emails were sent in response. Digital platforms I’ve never heard of are now the norm. Conference calling. Group chats. Digital spaces and places. This is where we meet.

After some thought, I’ve decided to begin work on a ‘Zine to document and respond to this unprecedented moment we are experiencing. And by we, I mean WE. Everyone. Everywhere. I’ve never experienced something so global before.

I’m going to call it Quaran’Zine. Or something more poetic. But that’s the one that’s sticking… so far…

I’d like to invite anyone who wants to join me for this endeavor to read the call I made on Facebook below. I’d love to hear/read/experience whatever is happening in your life.

I’D LIKE TO ADD, that if you submit, please include:

  • the date you wrote/made/responded to this crisis with your submission, &
  • your location.

Alright friends. Then let’s do this. I invite anyone who’d like to submit something for Quaran’Zine to email me at afieldofcrowns@gmail.com

Really I’m looking for anything you want to share about life during this time. What has changed? What was a wonderful act of humanity you experienced? What is the value of creating spaces in times of crises? What do you miss? What’s really bothering you?

It can be journal, poetry, it can be doodles and drawings, it can be comics and photographs, scripts or just inane ramblings. It can be lists, observations, collage, really anything. I’ll maybe stray away from video at the moment but we can also have a conversation about it.

I’m going to set up an online space for it to exist. I’ll also probably print some and send them around. Figuring out the details and logistics of that.

At the moment, this would be a volunteer thing, a moment to come together a make a document (or series of documents) to capture the moment and to ruminate about humanity and community in times of crises.

For those who it matters: I’m thinking of formatting it Quarto size, regular 8.5×11″ paper, portrait orientation. If it requires multiple pages, which I assume it will, I’m planning on stitching it together instead of stapling. If you are designing something let me know about the dimensions. You can probably go right to the edge although I’m not sure how picky my printer will be (this is, if you’re worried about it being printed). Depending on how much material comes in. If it’s a lot, then I might switch over to Octavo and make a couple little issues.

When submitting a thing, please let me know if you’d like it to remain in the format you send it in or if you’re happy for me to cut and paste and design it how I think might fit.

.pdfs, .jpegs, .docx, text in an email that I can copy — let’s keep it to these formats so it’s not too much of a hassle for me.

Also, if you’re sending writing, maybe keep it shorter rather than longer. Brevity and all that. I won’t impose a limit and I won’t edit you, but we may start a convo.

Once again, the email address is afieldofcrowns@gmail.com
Just cite “‘Zine contribution” in the subject.


Much love in this time of glass to glass.

thursday morning viewpoints

This year I’ve been fortunate to delve back into the Viewpoints system of movement with two separate post-secondary groups. Building from the ground up: I relish pairing down movement to its basics and building it up again with specific focus, concern and intention. Tasks and movement. Listening to and trusting your impulses. Relationships onstage between performers and space, between action and time, between audience and performer. I love investigating the different aspects individually, interrogating them, exhausting them only to then add another on top. This deconstruction to layering is complex and insatiable. Leading this work, I am pleased to realise how deeply ingrained it is in my own practice: oftentimes focusing on one of the nine viewpoints over others to help craft a character, or, unconsciously playing and adjusting the dials to explore a whole vocabulary.

Which is why I’d like to open up a community jam on Thursday mornings. I want this training to keep going. I know there are many actors, dancers and other performers who have crossed paths with Viewpoints throughout their training. I know there are others who have never experienced it before but have heard its name.

If you fall into any of these categories, I invite you to join me at hub14‘s new Artscape studio @ 910 Queen Street West on certain Thursday mornings, from 9 – 10am, to come jam and explore this movement for yourself. Space will be available from 8:45am for personal warm-ups.

In an effort to make cross-disciplinary training more commonplace and low-risk, all of these drop-in sessions will be offered at no cost. All you have to do is send a message to afieldofcrowns(at)gmail(dot)com (there’s a form here) so I can come and get you.

*note: unfortunately, hub14 is not an accessible venue, as it is located in a basement without access to a public elevator.*

Upcoming sessions will be:

March 7th, 21st & 28th, April 4th, 18th & 25th

CREATORS | ARTISTS | PERFORMERS | sweet residency opportunities @ hub14

The studio I work with, hub14 art & performance works has released their call for residency proposals.


This call is suitable for anyone with a performance practice, emerging to established. The residencies range from research-based explorations (you pitch a compelling idea with a thoughtful plan & could receive up to 40 hours in studio to explore it without any demand of a final product from us), to three-day gallery pop-up installations (usually geared towards a visual artist working with performance or performers working with visual/installation art), community initiatives (discussions, classes/workshops, performance series, etc.) & even a live-in for artists outside the GTA.

The studio is based in Toronto, just around the corner from the Queen West & Bathurst intersection (very close to Theatre Passe Muraille, Factory Theatre, Rapier Wit & lemontree creations).

It’s one of the only programmes of its kind in Toronto and one of my favourite things to be part of each year. Seeing what you’re working on, hearing your voices, your passions, your ways of expression is a privilege I am humbled to experience.

That said, the hub14 team wants to support you & your art!

Applications are due July 6th @ 11:59pm. So get on that!

Check out the call here.


Let’s Jam.

The wonderful Mike Reinhart and I have come together to present an offering to the Toronto performance community:


A monthly movement jam open to performers of any discipline or training. 

Partnered with hub14, this movement jam will happen on the last Wednesday of each month.*

We will open the studio as early as 6:30pm for personal warm-up and mingle-time and begin the jam proper at 7. Expect to move, to participate in some guided exercises lead by Mike and myself, and to challenge yourself in a few lightly structured improv jams. We’ll wrap each night by 9pm, after which there’s always time for cool downs and conversation.

We would like to keep this jam as accessible** as possible, but will also be accepting PWYC donations to help keep this thing running. The bottom line, however, is: if you want to be here, we want you here!

The first jam of the year will be
Wednesday, February 28th
@ hub14 (14 Markham St., Toronto)
7 – 9pm | doors @ 6:30 | PWYC

You can find a list of future dates and a contact form on the Jam’s page here.

I look forward to moving with you.


*With the exception of December because of the mess that is Christmas and New Years. In December, the jam will happen on the 3rd Wednesday (Dec. 19th).

**Please note hub14 is not a barrier-free facility: there are about 10 steps leading up to the studio.