Performer Profile: Evan Harkai

Evan Harkai

If Graveyards Were Forests
Last performed in April at Videofag, this piece has evolved drastically since it’s first incarnation as part of Livingroom Theatre’s, “New Art Night”. IGWF is about understanding life, death, influence, love and tangible existence. What would the world be like if instead of stone cemeteries we grew forests for the dead? Relating to his own life experience, Evan takes you through his childhood and asks you to partake in your own storyline while being guided through his.

Evan Harkai
Carpenter with a love of storytelling. Evan’s work has been performed in his head for decades. His writing is a constant evolutionary exploration to understand his childhood psyche. As a mask maker ( he’ll be creating masks for Outside The March’s upcoming production of Mr. Burns.

Evan will be performing If Graveyards Were Forests at Seasonal Activities, v.i

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A. Gaboury

Although his training is in devised theatre, playwriting and physical performance, Andrew spends most of his time dreaming beneath those beautiful willows.

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