The Three Kings

The Fantastic Voyages of The Three Kings
written by Andrew Gaboury
performed by Blythe Haynes, Alexi Pedneault & Andrew Gaboury
with masks by Alexi Pedenault & Evan Harkai

A young man who hates Christmas dinners turns a wish into a joke that will ensure he never has to attend another Christmas dinner again. Little does he know that even bad wishes have a tendency of coming true and partway through the night his family’s dinner party falls prey to two uninvited and unimpressed guests.

Saturday, Dec. 6th, 13th, and 20th, 2014
4 showings nightly
@ the Dickson’s Hill School
Presented as part of Black Creek Pioneer Village‘s
“Christmas by Lamplight”

The Triumphant Return of The Three Kings
written by Andrew Gaboury
performed by Andrew Gaboury, Blythe Haynes & James McRae

When one of their members flees town without so much as a word to the rest of the troupe, the playwright has to step in and perform in his stead. Join The Three Kings as they try their best to put on a Christmas pageant that deals with the mind of a Humbug, a true scene of charity, and a father and son sorting out the true meaning of Christmas.

@ the Town Hall
Presented at Black Creek Pioneer Village
As part of Christmas by Lamplight, 2012