Add Friend


Add Friend
Co-created by Andrew Cromwell & Andrew Gaboury
Performed by Andrew & a friend

Andrew is online. He is on the world’s largest network, has hundreds of friends, access to unlimited information, and yet he still feels incredibly confined. Andrew is searching for a connection in a world where people are more concerned with the password for free wifi.

Using observations and questions and a few key facts, Cromwell successfully articulates an issue that a large number of us deal with on a daily basis yet cannot quite understand.

Gaboury is honest, approachable and governs the tone of the conversation with earnest curiosity. When he breaks into the climactic scene it is pure energy; all physical, and delightfully brings to life his vision of his online self.

Katie Penrose, The View Magazine

[…]worth seeing if you want to see young talented performers do what they do best.

James Ryan Gobuty, The Theatre Reader

Login recordings of the initial 8 performances of Add Friend at the Hamilmton Fringe Festival Gallery mini-Series, 2014. Performed at Hamilton Artists Inc.