Glass to Glass

I’m making this ‘zine to process what’s going on right now and how it will continue to change and challenge the way we live. It’s coming out in a complex way, written, visual, tactile, musical. It’s also acting as a way to build a little community.

That said, I want to be able support this community in this uncertain time. I’ve set up a fund to help the production of this ‘zine. is a sweet little site that allows you to support the artists you like for the price of a cup of coffee. Each cup of coffee helps me make this thing happen — you’ll be funding printing costs, mailing costs in this time of physical distancing, and, importantly, funding the artists who (currently) volunteer their work for each issue. So head on over. Whatever you can chip in is so so appreciated.

— Andrew Gaboury

Issue One

The beginning. From March 13th, 2020 to about April 2nd. Featuring guest art by Claudio Ghirardo and a poem by Blythe Haynes.

Issue Two

Partway in. The virus has our countries to self-isolate for about a month now. From about Mar. 30th to April 20th. Featuring another comic by Claudio Ghirardo, a poem by Avery Dupuis and illustrations by Elise Timm-Bottos.