happy birthday hub14

Art and performance incubator hub14, of which I am one of the current co-artistic directors along with Aria Evans and Kate Nankervis, is celebrating its birthday this weekend. Since the beginning of the year, Aria Evans and board member Helen Yung have been crowd-sourcing and curating photographs from the past 10 years of rehearsals, classes, performances, & events that have happened at, or began at our small but mighty space at 14 Markham St. This weekend those photos are on display: we have turned hub14 into a gallery to celebrate this milestone. It’s been a wild ride, with a wonderful opening reception Friday night attended by many of the past Artistic Directors and supporters of hub.

Below is a selection of the photos you’ll see at the exhibit. It truly is breathtaking to see in person. There’s such history here.

2015 hub14 retrospective layout 12 x 18 v7 (1-3,5,11,17,19,21,23,50-52 SMALL)39 2015 hub14 retrospective layout 12 x 18 v6 (PRINT)29 2015 hub14 retrospective layout 12 x 18 v6 (PRINT)7

Today is the last day to come out.

We’ll be open 12pm – 5pm.

There’s an amazing raffle to partake in with 17 different prizes ranging in value of $30 – $350, including photoshoots, videoshoots, memberships, workshops and classes, soap and gift cards. $5 gets you one entry / $10 gets you 3. It’s a real good deal.

Hopefully I’ll see you there.

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A. Gaboury

Although his training is in devised theatre, playwriting and physical performance, Andrew spends most of his time dreaming beneath those beautiful willows.

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