Performer Profile: Colleen Snell & Andrew Gaboury




A dancer and an actor who also write things.


They’re going to read some writing, maybe move some writing. Three segments, many pieces.


Colleen can be found through her award-winning, site-specific performance company Frog in hand.

Andrew can be found right here.


Performer Profile: Andrew Gaboury


I’ll be performing a series of poems, or vignettes entitled under hill & harbour. Most of these pieces were written while I was living a transient life and deal with themes of wonder, annoyance and finding the sublime in daily life. I made this piece to be performed in an art gallery (Lisa Pijuan-Nomura’s James Street North Gallery in Hamilton) amongst sculptures and paintings and, as such, have been able to install it at many different sites as one could an artwork (including the side of the street), adapting it to fit each unique location.

Andrew Gaboury is an artist that likes to program himself into shows he “curates.” What a jerk.