dossier: WAIT UNTIL DARK by Red One Theatre and the StoreFront Co-op

dossiers are simple interviews, or profiles about an upcoming event or show that’ve caught my attention.

For the first dossier, I got in touch with Benjamin Blais of Red One Theatre and the StoreFront Co-op to talk about their show WAIT UNTIL DARK. As the show opened on the 11th, I figured I’d get this one up right away. 

That said, here’s dossier number one:


Andrew Gaboury
Benjamin Blais

The Storefront Theatre is an amazing new development in this city. Why did this come about?

The Red One Theatre Collective has a history of bringing new life and revitalizing neighbourhoods through the power of art, culture and community. We decided to break ground on this location in order to encourage the careers of Toronto-based artists, as well as local business.

What draws you to theatre?

I enjoy the sense of community that it inspires. Also I love the ride when you put up a show.

The buzz in the air on an opening night is palpable. It is intoxicating.

What’s your earliest memory of wanting, or needing to do this?

Dancing naked in the living room as a child.

Why WAIT UNTIL DARK as the first show in the Storefront Theatre?

We wanted to present a show that would illustrate to people how plausible it is to put a show up in the space. Even something as complicated and high octane as WAIT UNTIL DARK.

What was your favourite memory from directing WAIT UNTIL DARK and working in your new space?

Aside from all the exciting work with the actors in the rehearsal studio and the massive push the crew did to put the show (and space) up in no less than a few days it was when we put the sign up.

It was the final touch and after flipping the switch in the basement you could hear the “oohh & ahhh” upstairs.

Describe the show for us in three adjectives or phrases.

Intense and Intriguing,

Electric, Exciting!

Do you have anything you want to share with us? A story? A photo? A song? A video?

Photo Credits: Nathan Kelly