Trolls by Lamplight

a field of crowns will be performing a brand new Christmas play as part of

CHRISTMAS BY LAMPLIGHT @ Black Creek Pioneer Village:


The Fantastic Voyages of the Three Kings

written by Andrew Gaboury

Starring Blythe Haynes, Alexi Pedneault and Andrew Gaboury

With Masks by Alexi Pedneault and Evan Harkai

A young man who hates Christmas dinners turns a wish into a joke that will ensure he never has to attend another Christmas dinner again. Little does he know that even bad wishes have a tendency of coming true and partway through the night he is visited by two uninvited guests.

Saturday, Dec. 6th, 13th, and 20th

4 showings nightly

@ the Dickson’s Hill School

Visit for tickets


This past March Break, I was lucky enough to have participated in a Sherlock Holmes-themed event at my local place of business, Black Creek Pioneer Village. For seven days I got to play a Dr. John Watson, cane and all, while recruiting and helping the recruited to solve a village-wide mystery of the missing clockmaker. As any good detective knows, especially world-famous ones, in order to get the truth, one usually has to go undercover. So, over the course of 9 days, 7 of which I worked, not only did I get to dress up, but I also got to wear a silly moustache to… blend in with the locals.

The following is the evolution of my moustaches over those seven days.