field notes.03 // Claire Armstrong

field notes.
episode 03 // Claire Armstrong
a conversation about The Crackwalker

April 1st, 2015
R2 Espresso


After a few missed meet ups due to sinus colds and flus, Andrew and Claire finally hit a Queen West café and share delicious baked goods as they talk about Claire’s experience with the latest staging of The Crackwalker. SPOILER ALERT: We kind of gush about Judith Thompson a bit. Be warned.


Waawaate Fobister, painting by Randi Helmers, picture by Joseph Michael Photography

The Crackwalker runs until April 10th @ Factory Theatre, as the last play in their NAKED SEASON.

Produced by ::: a field of crowns :::
Andrew Gaboury, interviewer


visit the bone house.

I’m writing today to help spread the word on a show, happening now at The Storefront Theatre. It is the Toronto premiere of an intelligent examination into our never-ending fascination with the horror genre. It is an immersive experience, helmed by the specific, real and confident direction of Hayley Toane. I’m not into the practice of writing reviews on this blog, even blogs solely dedicated to reviewing are treading lightly for this piece in case they spoil the experience, but if you’d like to read some reactions from the show, go over to mooneyontheatre and mygaytoronto. The childish excitement is hardly contained in their words. 

If anything, I’m writing this because The Bone House (by Marty Chan) is more than just an experience. The script, the narrative of Eugene Crowley’s lecture is layered. It forces you to question the willing suspension of disbelief, to question reality, to question fiction and non-fiction and, above all, to question your safety.


If you haven’t swung by The Storefront Theatre yet, this is an amazing production-as-introduction to the variety of things Red One Theatre produces there. Trust me, folks, if this place continues to establish itself in this harsh industry it’s definitely one to have on your radar. The energy at the site is live, palpable. 

So do yourself a favour and get scared.