#FringeTO show preview // Fruit Fruit Mouth Mouth by @illumecollectiv

fruit fruit mouth mouth ii

Fruit Fruit Mouth Mouth 

by Illume Collective

Fruit Fruit Mouth Mouth is the debut production of new theatre company Illume Collective. This adaptation of Christina Rossetti’s The Goblin Market is a ridiculous, sexy, and intense production. Protagonist’s Laura and Lizzie are faced with their deep sexual desires and must decide: will I taste of the goblin fruit? Fruit Fruit Mouth Mouth has it all: lesbians, goblin puppets, and a kiddy pool full of fruit juice.

Fruit Fruit Mouth Mouth tastes so good you’ll never get it out of your head.

fruit fruit mouth mouth pic

Illume Collective is a new theatre company interested in creating adaptations of timeless stories. Our style of theatre combines storytelling, elevated movement, and abstract staging to create dream-like worlds. Illume is committed to making accessible theatre that still challenges an audience. Each member of Illume brings with them a unique and varied set of skills. The skills may be different but the vision is the same: create work that serves a purpose.

twitter – @illumecollectiv / #fruitmouth

facebook – Illume Collective

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