UPDATED – CALL FOR ARTISTS: Seasonal Activities, v. ii


Seasonal Activities is a bi-monthly series of theatre, dance and music as a platform for refinement and conversation. Each volume will include a selection of performances ranging from 5 – 20 minutes in length. Volume II will be curated by Andrew Gaboury.

I am looking for new or pre-existing pieces and encourage you to play with and challenge spatial dynamics, audience-performer relationships and intimacy. I am looking for proposals from different artistic disciplines, and/or pieces that blur lines between these disciplines. Theatre, dance, music, poetry, clown, all live performance styles will be considered. It is important that each submission have a strong visual element; performances, however, should be relatively low-tech to ensure smooth transitions.

I also welcome pieces that can only be performed during certain seasons, or can be adapted to incorporate seasonal variation.

Volume II will take place Friday, June 5th @ hub14 (14 Markham Street, Toronto, ON)

UPDATED DEADLINE: Please send in applications by Friday, May 1st @ 11:59pm

Click here for the application guidelines: Seasonal Activities, v.ii – call