Call for Performers

Seasonal Activities, v. V


Seasonal Activities is a series of live performance. It strives to bring artists and audiences of disparate backgrounds together to the same space, opening conversations between participants of the often-individual Toronto arts disciplines.

I am looking for new or pre-existing pieces, running 5 – 20 minutes in length.
Projects can be of any live performance style.
They should be able to work in an intimate setting with low tech.
Pieces should be willing to acknowledge the audience and interrupt their experience beyond traditional staging. Interpret this how you like.

Volume V will take place Saturday, April 30th @ hub14 (14 Markham Street, Toronto, ON)

Tickets will be $15 @ the door / $10 in advance

Seasonal Activities will provide:

  • Company Artist fees will come as a profit-share of ticket sales
  • Basic tech (simple lighting / the ability to rig a couple specials / audio support) & stage management
  • One performance and tech time (times TBD during the evening of April 26th)
  • Audience feedback if desired

To submit, please send:

  1. A short description of your piece (100 words max.)
  2. Technical needs, including length of performance and number of performers
  3. Artist bios
  4. Support material (if submitting links, include it in the package with sufficient headings or short descriptions of what lies beyond. Links will be clicked, but please don’t send me to pages I’d rather not open)
    • videos can be submitted via links to online postings (I probably won’t watch more than 5 minutes of any given thing… but who knows?)
    • photos can be submitted the same way (links to online albums), or as attachments (5 photos max.)
    • music can be attached as .mp3s or links to streaming content
    • websites (I will browse webpages, but specific links with reasons are most welcome)
    • script samples (send it all – a 20 minute performance can’t be that wordy, right?)

All material can be sent as .pdf or .jpeg where applicable and sent to by

Friday, April 8th @ 11:59pm, 2016


UPDATED – CALL FOR ARTISTS: Seasonal Activities, v. ii


Seasonal Activities is a bi-monthly series of theatre, dance and music as a platform for refinement and conversation. Each volume will include a selection of performances ranging from 5 – 20 minutes in length. Volume II will be curated by Andrew Gaboury.

I am looking for new or pre-existing pieces and encourage you to play with and challenge spatial dynamics, audience-performer relationships and intimacy. I am looking for proposals from different artistic disciplines, and/or pieces that blur lines between these disciplines. Theatre, dance, music, poetry, clown, all live performance styles will be considered. It is important that each submission have a strong visual element; performances, however, should be relatively low-tech to ensure smooth transitions.

I also welcome pieces that can only be performed during certain seasons, or can be adapted to incorporate seasonal variation.

Volume II will take place Friday, June 5th @ hub14 (14 Markham Street, Toronto, ON)

UPDATED DEADLINE: Please send in applications by Friday, May 1st @ 11:59pm

Click here for the application guidelines: Seasonal Activities, v.ii – call