Rutherford is a clown from far away, or deep underground, or maybe from another planet… or, like, an island hidden somewhere in the Pacific? Anyways, he loves bananas and making friends with most objects and generally climbing and/or eating things. He’s fun.

Rutherford makes appearances at cabarets, festivals and really anywhere else he might be invited.

Barn-Barns for All

Created & performed for Clay and Paper Theatre‘s Day of Delight 2016

We follow a trail of banana skins…

Meet Rutherford. Rutherford is a young red nose that, really, couldn’t be more excited about the world. Well, usually. Lately, it seems like life is nothing more than a discarded banana peel: all of the deliciousness has been eaten and what’s left is a potential tripping hazard and pungent trash-debris littering the park. Needless to say, Rutherford has been feeling a bit of a loss: some sort of hole inside of him has opened that can’t be filled with stuffed animals, his paper airplane friend or even your smiling faces. As Rutherford wanders the park, melancholy and dejected, he comes across a
person about to break open and eat the most perfect banana he’s ever seen. All of a sudden, Rutherford’s sense of purpose roars to life and he rushes to the banana’s rescue. Now, with his new friend, Rutherford has found meaning in life. Cue love story with banana. Which goes so well. Until
he sees a bundle of bananas growing out of a local park tree. Drama. Conflict. Emotions.

Rutherford Takes Flight

Performed with Clay & Paper Theatre for Day of Delight 2018, Rutherford returns to Dufferin Grove park with his paper airplane friend. Boy, do they have the best time together. They can fly through anything! Paths, audiences, grass: you name it! But when they get to the edge of a rather large hill, and when they see and hear real planes flying overhead in the sky… well, Airplane finally asks Rutherford to let him go. Can Rutherford work up the courage to let his best friend go and fly through the sky as all paper airplanes are meant to? Is he up to the task?

Rutherford’s Best Friend

Rutherford’s original turn. First publicly performed at the Toronto Festival of Clowns’s Student Soiree in 2013. Since, it has been performed at various cabarets and events, including the Red Nose District, RED in Hamilton, Sea Change. In 2018, the turn found its way into a Hamilton Fringe show with the Hamilton 7 called Awkward Stories for Adults.

Rutherford has a best friend. He wants you to meet him. That’s really all there is to it.