#FringeTO show preview // Everyday Oppressions by @CheshireUnicorn


Everyday Oppressions

by the Cheshire Unicorn

A quirky, dark and yet comedic performance in the tradition similar to that of Pina Bausch’s dance-theatre which explores the unrelenting effects of discrimination in humanity due to intolerance of social nonconformity. How much does this intolerance threaten and destroy the very things that make us special? We’ve all felt different at some point, quite simply because we are all combinations of various elements, each of us completely unique. So why then do some societies find safety in sameness and fear and danger in the idea of the other, while others rise above to create and perpetuate anti-oppressive movements like the Human Rights Charter? Everyday Oppressions examines social justice trends through various movement styles such as alternative ballet and burlesque.

Launched in 2002, The Cheshire Unicorn aims to produce innovative, thoughtful, and experimental productions created by Canadian artists. Since it’s founding, the company has consistently staged thought-provoking and interesting theatre, gaining itself a prestigious reputation in Toronto’s independent theatre market. The Cheshire Unicorn continues to entertain with diverse productions ranging from historical absurdist drama to modern surrealism.

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