what a welcome.

hamilton storm running

They came so quick, the clouds.

It it amazing to experience a tornado-level storm in a city you don’t know, while running around the streets looking for a woman you do.

It is amazing to watch the storm blow down the street, from one intersection to the next until it hits you straight-on. All of a sudden sand, dirt is flying everywhere – where does one find sand, where does one find dirt, in a city? Stinging my eyes, making them water. Looking around for shelter. Asking for directions. What once was sweat is now rain. I’m carrying puddles in my shoes. The office door opens behind me, Come inside, she says, It’s crazy out there, briefcase in hand. Another woman vacuuming the lobby.

hamilton storm bright lights

I made it back for my show, thankfully got to change into my dry costume, wiped off my feet. My shoes are still drying at home as I type this on the bus back to Hamilton. I’m told there was lightning behind me for my second show. For my own storm. There were men from the mission watching from the overhang outside the gallery, just wanting to stay dry. They clapped when I lay down. Cheered me on. I smiled to them when I bowed. As the show ended we noticed they had no power across the street.

So, seeing as how the world’s ending, want to grab a drink?

The Baltimore was candle-lit. We didn’t notice at first; thought it was just the mood they were striving to achieve. More cheers when the lights came back on. Not much of a difference in mood. We drank and ate sandwiches and watched seven artists break dance, we listened to music and generally just tried to absorb the day. For five strangers in a foreign city, Hamilton certainly left it’s impression on us.

totem. at the Hamilton Fringe Gallery Mini-Series continues today at 4:30, 7:45 & 9:15pm. It is playing at the beautiful James North Studio Gallery (328 James North) and is preceded by the stunning Lucy Rupert’s show Frankenstein Fragments at 3:45, 5:15 & 8:30pm. Tickets are $8 for each show and can be bought at the door.

totem first poster faded copy