Performer Profile: Rob Schuyler


Robert Schuyler is a musician, composer and consultant. A large portion of his body of work can be found online as part of a project called ‘songs by bert,’ an ambitious project that culminated in 83 original songs, many solo, some with his experimental folk/hip-hop band Small Town Treason, and others with musicians like Kristin Cleland. He created the ‘songs by bert band’ and played a series of six shows in residency at the Tranzac in Toronto.

Rob will be playing a selection of new music alongside Justin and Jon Dhama at Seasonal Activities, v.i

Seasonal Activities, v. i

Seasonal Activities is a new, bi-monthly performance series with a focus on multi-disciplinarity, experimentation, interaction, conversation and refinement. Each night will showcase a selection of short pieces, from 10 – 20 minutes in length and a host.

Seasonal Activities looks for pieces that play with spatial dynamics and audience-performer relationships.

Volume i is curated by Andrew Gaboury
and supported by hub14 art and performance works

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