#FringeTO show preview // Waiting for Alonzo by @EmptyBoxTheatre

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Waiting for Alonzo

by Empty Box Theatre

Drifting aimlessly through space, Doctor Zanita waits. Surrounded by a menagerie of marvelous machines, a handsome talking statue and her faithful assistant Bielke, this mad scientist is on a mission. Waiting For Alonzo is a surreal satire brimming with bizarre behaviour and seasoned with the tears of the unrepentant patriarch.

Empty Box Theatre Company is a non-profit Toronto theatre company. We are interested in re-staging the classics and creating new collaborative plays. Our work often looks at gender politics, camp, wordplay, mythical and historical themes, and can be site-specific, immersive, feminist and political. Our company is dedicated to colour-conscious casting, and featuring the work of artists from all backgrounds.

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#FringeTO show preview // OverTime by Newface Entertainment


Produced by Newface Entertainment and written by playwright Romeo Ciolfi

Darby, a young playwright, has been living with his mentor Carla, who suffers with MS. When Darby shares his latest play it strikes all too closely to his mentor’s life.

OverTime is a producer driven, artist focused production. Newface Entertainment doesn’t exist to advance its own. It exists in the role of a traditional producer; working to facilitate theatre so that artists can have the opportunity to focus on their craft.

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