Seasonal Activities v.V // Performer Profile: Gina Horswood



Quietly compelling Aussie-Canadian singer-songwriter GINA HORSWOOD is a musical force to be reckoned with. Now based in Toronto, Horswood has travelled far and wide for her music, as a true modern troubadour. She’s recorded in Australia, where her debut Our Way, penned with her sister Melanie, was released in 2006 and boasted two Top 10 country singles down under. Her video for “Ordinary Girl,” from her sophomore album Crazy Brilliant Mess, reached the top 50 on Australia’s Country Music Channel charts. In Nashville, she gained the attention of renowned songwriter and producer Jim Reilley, recording The Nashville Sessions EP. Now in Muskoka, she’s recorded her third full length-album Porcelain with producer Andre Wahl (Luke Doucet, Hawksley Workman).


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Seasonal Activities v.V // Performer Profile: Terra Incognita Collective

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Terra Incognita Collective (TIC) is a group of six artists who use performance to discover alternative ways of being. TIC uses a hybrid practise of documentary & theatre to explore the political and social dynamics relating to the environmental justice and in particular degrowth. TIC sees a need for new democratic practices within our political and artistic spheres. We use physical theatre (specifically mask) to create socially interdependent and embodied experiences for audiences and artists. The relationship a mask has with its audience can initiate a more active involvement from participants and its heightened reality can expand the current cultural imaginary making it an excellent tool for initiating change. The collective aims to better understand how active audiences can result in active community members. Through community partnership, site-specific exploration and collective creation, TIC challenges the perceived chasms between market and consumer, politician/expert and civil society and growth and human development. We also like to laugh… a lot.


In this particular performance audiences will be introduced to the mask character Veronica, a former starlet who now gets high from wearing the shoes of others. With each new pair she imagines a life of luxury and extravagance, until she removes the sole from her soul and steps back into reality. This character and scene is an excerpt from Terra Incognita by the TIC to be performed June 3 – 6, 2016 at the Warehouse 10 Busy St, Toronto.

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Diary Reflection with Morgan Johnson:

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field notes.02 // [elephants] collective


field notes.
episode 02 // [elephants] collective
a conversation about A Kitchen Sink Drama
with Ximena Huizi, Thomas McKechnie, Krystina Bojanowski and Michael Reinhart

Feb. 11th, 2016
Merchants of Green Coffee

What was originally planned as a meeting with Thomas became, as schedules go, an invitation to watch a rehearsal. It was great to peek in on an [elephants] rehearsal from the outside and see an entirely different process than the one I experienced during A Wake for Lost Time. These cats really love questioning theatre’s role in today’s society.

elephants warmup

A Kitchen Sink Drama plays during Week One (Feb. 17th – 20th) of the 37th Rhubarb Festival @ buddies in bad times. Click the banner below to take you to Rhubarb’s site.

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Performer Profile: Amanda Pye

Amanda Pye

What’s love got to do with it?

Amanda Pye is a graduate of the Ryerson University dance program. Currently pursuing a career as a professional dancer & actor, recent credits include: Gadlfy Dance Company, Canadian Contemporary Dance Theatre, Shotgun Juliet Theatre Company. Film & television credits include: Warehouse 13, The Strain, and Reign. Amanda is Co-Artistic Director of ReActive Dance Theatre, and Co-Founder of The Garage.

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Come to hub14 this Friday to see Amanda explore dance, theatre and questions of love at Seasonal Activities, v.iii!

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