red nosed hello

Good day. And welcome to my new webpage.

This is my first post! And you’re reading it!

I plan to make this a sort of meeting place, like a library or cafe, for the many interesting things happening in my wonderfully artistic community here in Toronto. In such a big city, with such a diverse crowd of talented and passionate people it’s quite easy to lose track of the many smaller events happening all across it. I plan to use this space to help advertise events that have come to my attention. Usually the events I showcase on this blog I’ll have had some personal experience with, either from attending or performing as part of, but sometimes they’ll be brand new to me! Like the one I’m actually starting this blog with. Exciting!

My plan in the near future is to also begin posting interviews with the organizers behind such events, or the artists involved in them, so we can all get to know each other a little bit better.

And what would a personal blog/website be without a little shameless self-promotion every now and then (read: all the time)?

To start us off, let’s talk a bit about this:

Red Nose District

Now, I’m new in the world of clown so I’ve never actually attended one of these. Flatteringly, I’ve been asked to perform at this one.

If I can talk to anything in the Toronto clown scene, I’d speak to how astoundingly accommodating and friendly it is. Especially to newcomers. I find it always makes for a good night out. The variety of clown acts in this city is staggering. There’s always humour, but more often than not there’ll be one turn that takes you completely by surprise and messes around with your expectations. So if you’re into that sort of thing, why not check it out?

There’s a pretty great line-up, including:

The Host:
Sketchy the Clown
Along with:
Trip Phoenix
Eric Miinch
Stevie Jay
Issac Luy
Andrew Gaboury
Matthew Pazzol
and more to be announced!

Here’s the description from their facebook page:

The Red Nose District show was created to provide a space for new clowns, returning clowns and veteran clowns to create and hone new material in front of a supportive audience. The Red Nose District continues in the tradition of classic Toronto clown shows such as Space Night, Cirque du Poulet and Clown Chowder.

For more info contact shows[at]torontoclown[dot]com

I’ll be performing as my new clown, Rutherford’s Best Friend, who you can see in the photo section of this website.

And maybe before his next show I can get an interview with Dave McKay, the organiser of the event and also the brains and body of Sketchy the Clown.



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Although his training is in devised theatre, playwriting and physical performance, Andrew spends most of his time dreaming beneath those beautiful willows.

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