Performer Profile: Half Second Echo

dark monk

Dark Monk, Deep Church follows the dynamic and secretive lives of three half-crow/half-man monks undertaking a mysterious ritual. The piece opens up at the brink of these monks’ spiritual ritual as they lay the groundwork for the final ceremony.

Half Second Echo is a Toronto based contemporary dance collective that serves as a platform for the creative exploration of the moving body. Since its creation in 2013 Half Second Echo has had the opportunity to collaborate with Forcier Stage Works, Applebox Film Company, Intergalactic Arts Collective, Great Moving Dancers/Good Morning Dance, Jesse Dell, Irvin Chow, Dave Wilson and the McMaster Dance Company, as well as present works in DanceOntario Weekend and both the Toronto and Hamilton Fringe Festivals. HSE is ecstatic to be the house troupe for the Body Brake series curated by Anandam Dancetheatre and presented by Theatre Passe Muraille.

Half Second Echo will be performing Dark Monk, Deep Church this Friday at Seasonal Activities, v.ii


proudly presenting:


a field of crowns presents:



by Andrew Gaboury



by Thea Fitz-James

If you missed totem. in Hamilton, now’s your chance to catch it in Toronto!

Together, Fitz-James and Gaboury bring you a night of honesty, ritual, mythology, story, bias, nakedness and drinking.

totem. is an exploration of one man’s emotional, mental landscape as he confronts his crumbling relationship and is presented with a fantastic manifestation of his ideals. While a work of fiction, totem. was born from months riddled with a crisis of self-confidence. At the end of this time, Gaboury realised what he needed wasn’t what he always relied on, and instead found relief in something completely unexpected. totem. began life as a short story, mostly written by stream-of-conscious, influenced by the performance of spoken-word poetry.

NAKED LADIES is that moment where someone tells you that women are naturally secretive. It’s the moment they say, “Women take off their clothes to forget about their fathers”. It’s locked in the skin; intimate—between the shadow and the soul. For what are we hiding when we show it all? And what does it mean to be truly exposed? Between the naked and the nude, between forgetting fathers and remembering mothers, past sexual stigma and personal secrets, NAKED LADIES weaves personal narrative, art history, and performance theory to ask why women get naked on stage and off. Why, where and for whom?

WARNING: This show contains mature and explicit content.


Dec. 13th & 14th
@ 7pm & 9pm


hub14, 14 Markham St., Toronto, ON

How much?

$15 general / $10 arts worker & student

tickets are available at the door
can be reserved online by sending an email to: