Performer Profile: Polynomials


Near Strangers

I almost went to bed

without remembering

the four white violets

I put in the button-hole

of your green sweater

and how i kissed you then

and you kissed me

shy as though I’d

never been your lover

– L. Cohen

Polynomialsis the conduit for the creative projects of Karissa Fyrrar and her variables. For Seasonal Activities, she will be joined by long-time musical partner Math Rosen and movement collaborators Jen Hum and Sarah Reid.


Fyrrar is inspired by the human condition, the perils of everyday life, and the things our hands and faces do in the moments we stop thinking about them.

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Near Strangers will be presented as part of Seasonal Activities, v.iii

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a home for [___]

a home for

Join us Thursday, Feb. 26th from 9pm to 12am as we bring back On and On and On to create stories, art and music in a house that will be completely animated with dance, performance, film and visual art. It’s going to be a blast.

Other artists in attendance are:

Cue6 Productions
Christine Dewancker
Karissa Fyrrar
Roger Galvez
Shannon Garden-Smith
Jessie Garon
Matt Greenwood
Chris Heller
Vanessa Kimmons
Jolyane Langlois
Ethan Lester
Tess Martens
Daniel Mudford
Jillian Peever
Vazari Dance Projects
Amanda Pye
Mehrnaz Rohbakhsh
Lucy Rupert
Morgan Skinner
Johanna Thompson
Juan Villages

When: Thursday, February 26
What time: 8pm – 12 midnight
Where: 627 Richmond Street West
PWYC: Suggested $10

Curated by:
Shannon Lea Doyle
Jessie Garon
Sarah Reid

Produced by:
Sarah Reid

After midnight the performances will end but the party will continue with music and dancing.