Improv Jam: On and On and On

TOES for dance and a field of crowns host “On and On and On”, A community improv jam for the creatively curious! Come and join us around our “camp fire” to sing, talk, draw, play music, dance and explore!

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This night is not just for dancers; if you are an artist of any kind who – just like TOES for dance – loves to collaborate, connect and create with like-minded people, this informal event is for you!

Bring instruments, monologues, songs, slam poetry, your sketchbook, iPod, or just yourself and JOIN US in an evening of spontaneous creativity!

This month TOES is partnering with a field of crowns, featuring artistic director Andrew Gaboury; theatre artist, playwright, artistic director and faciliator of multi-disciplinary theatre projects. Andrew will add new elements of creative and spontaneous expression to the jam, through creative writing and collaborative movement exercises.

$10 admission!

All proceeds go to supporting and maintaining TOES for dance’s 2015 season.

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Join us Thursday, Feb. 26th from 9pm to 12am as we bring back On and On and On to create stories, art and music in a house that will be completely animated with dance, performance, film and visual art. It’s going to be a blast.

Other artists in attendance are:

Cue6 Productions
Christine Dewancker
Karissa Fyrrar
Roger Galvez
Shannon Garden-Smith
Jessie Garon
Matt Greenwood
Chris Heller
Vanessa Kimmons
Jolyane Langlois
Ethan Lester
Tess Martens
Daniel Mudford
Jillian Peever
Vazari Dance Projects
Amanda Pye
Mehrnaz Rohbakhsh
Lucy Rupert
Morgan Skinner
Johanna Thompson
Juan Villages

When: Thursday, February 26
What time: 8pm – 12 midnight
Where: 627 Richmond Street West
PWYC: Suggested $10

Curated by:
Shannon Lea Doyle
Jessie Garon
Sarah Reid

Produced by:
Sarah Reid

After midnight the performances will end but the party will continue with music and dancing.

ON AND ON AND ON @ Nuit Blanche

On October 4th, we were invited to be part of Urbanspace’s The Shape and Form of the Future, an installation at site 68 (401 Richmond) during Nuit Blanche. Shape and Form was all about getting an audience to play and the importance of play in our artistic practice.

ON AND ON AND ON was designed to be a drop-in, all-night, indoor campfire where people were invited to sit around and tell us a story in whatever way they knew how. We offered a pianist, a guitarist, percussion, sharpies and paper, some dancers and actors to help bring these stories to life. We even had Nicole Ratjen participating via twitter all the way in Berlin; every now and then she’d send photos of landmarks and ideas from another time zone.

Our overarching question for the night was, How do you tell a story to a room full of strangers? With the answer being, We’ll help you.

We ensured a steady group of artists to be present throughout the night, to keep the improvisation moving and to keep the dynamic shifting as new artists and new audience came in.

Participating artists included:

  • Rob Schuyler
  • Nicole Ratjen
  • Jeff Giles
  • Alexi Pedenault
  • Christian Quaresma
  • Evan Harkai
  • Oliver Georgiou
  • Thomas McKechnie
  • Jesse Byiers
  • Kitty Orsten
  • Damian Norman
  • Kallee Lins
  • Colleen Snell
  • Fiona Sauder
  • Andrew Gaboury

Ever tell a story to a room full of strangers?

a field of crowns is pleased to bring together a talented group of artists to host a night of improvised storytelling. The piece, ON AND ON AND ON, is part of Urbanspace’s “THE SHAPE AND FORM OF THE FUTURE” at 401 Richmond, Location 68, during this year’s Scotiabank Nuit Blanche!

ON AND ON AND ON is an experiment in large group storytelling that challenges any audience member who wants to take part to try something they have never done before. How do you tell a story to a room full of strangers? I’m not entirely sure, but with a room full of actors, dancers, visual artists and musicians, I’m sure we can find a way.