ON AND ON AND ON @ Nuit Blanche

On October 4th, we were invited to be part of Urbanspace’s The Shape and Form of the Future, an installation at site 68 (401 Richmond) during Nuit Blanche. Shape and Form was all about getting an audience to play and the importance of play in our artistic practice.

ON AND ON AND ON was designed to be a drop-in, all-night, indoor campfire where people were invited to sit around and tell us a story in whatever way they knew how. We offered a pianist, a guitarist, percussion, sharpies and paper, some dancers and actors to help bring these stories to life. We even had Nicole Ratjen participating via twitter all the way in Berlin; every now and then she’d send photos of landmarks and ideas from another time zone.

Our overarching question for the night was, How do you tell a story to a room full of strangers? With the answer being, We’ll help you.

We ensured a steady group of artists to be present throughout the night, to keep the improvisation moving and to keep the dynamic shifting as new artists and new audience came in.

Participating artists included:

  • Rob Schuyler
  • Nicole Ratjen
  • Jeff Giles
  • Alexi Pedenault
  • Christian Quaresma
  • Evan Harkai
  • Oliver Georgiou
  • Thomas McKechnie
  • Jesse Byiers
  • Kitty Orsten
  • Damian Norman
  • Kallee Lins
  • Colleen Snell
  • Fiona Sauder
  • Andrew Gaboury

Published by

A. Gaboury

Although his training is in devised theatre, playwriting and physical performance, Andrew spends most of his time dreaming beneath those beautiful willows.

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