Performer Profile: We’re From Out West

we're from out west


Jesse Byiers and Thomas McKechnie are hetrosexual life partners who make plays together with [elephants] collective and Katzman Contemporary Working Group and also play in this shitty band called We’re From Out West that they created in the first lonely depressing winter together in Toronto.


Shitty Songs for Shitty Kids is a music-play that uses the music that Jesse and Thomas have written together, their semi-autobiographical accounts of a road trip through eight of the ten provinces in this country, Jack Keraouc’s semi-autobiographical novel On the Road and whatever else is at hand to explore how we create ourselves as individuals. You have to get out and to come back in.


These are some pictures of Jess or [us] doing shit that may or may not be in the play. I (Thomas) took both.


we're from out west ii

Catch Shitty Songs for Shitty Kids at:

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Performer Profile: Brian Passmore

Brian Passmore i


Brian Passmore is a working songwriter and guitarist based in Toronto. He has opened for the Harpoonist and the Axe Murderer, Jerry Leger, Sarah Jane Scouten, and Randy Bachman and the Sadies. Currently he has been making the rounds as a solo performer and is starting to collaborate with theatre artists, including Ximena Huizi of [elephants] collective.


I will be doing an acoustic performance of a handful of original songs that will be mostly comprised of my latest compositions. I’m hoping for some audience feedback and criticism to help shape the songs as I continue to develop them.


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Performer Profile: Christian Quaresma

christian quaresma

Illusioned/ Disillusioned

A monologue on the nature of inspiration, “Illusioned/ Disillusioned” is meant to address the constant cycle of ups and downs in many of its analogies as they pervade our culture and private lives. With an attempt to look at the psyche of creative practices, Christian Quaresma voices the connections that tie the most sublime notions of art to the zen of doing laundry, among other things.

Christian Quaresma is a satellite of Toronto, where he reads and writes for his amusement.

twitter – @ceemqu

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Christian will be presenting Illusioned / Disillusioned at Seasonal Activities, v.iii at hub14

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Performer Profile: Mirian Kay


Mirian Kay

“I’m always looking to invite others into my story.”

Mirian Kay is a Syrian/Jordanian-Canadian singer-songwriter and guitarist. She loves to tip her hat to music as a community-building tool. Not only is music-making a collaborative effort, but singing at its most elemental—words and melodies—is a means of joining people, experiences and journeys. Everyone has stories to share, Mirian notes, and artistic expression makes communication that much more pleasurable. Mirian Kay fuses genres such as Jazz, Pop, R&B, Folk, Electronic, Reggae and World music together to form her unique sound.

“I am never afraid of making mistakes and falling flat on my face, because that’s how the learning begins and when the magic happens.”

“Mirian Kay’s genre, her voice and talent alone makes her a real treat to watch.” -Live In Limbo 

“It was surprising to see how easily Kay moved around the stage, while strumming her acoustic. And when she put it down, you couldn’t look away from her dancing on stage.”      -The Scene Magazine

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twitter – @Mirian_Kay

instagram – @missmiriankay

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Mirian will be performing a set at Seasonal Activities, v.iii @ hub14

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