field notes.02 // [elephants] collective


field notes.
episode 02 // [elephants] collective
a conversation about A Kitchen Sink Drama
with Ximena Huizi, Thomas McKechnie, Krystina Bojanowski and Michael Reinhart

Feb. 11th, 2016
Merchants of Green Coffee

What was originally planned as a meeting with Thomas became, as schedules go, an invitation to watch a rehearsal. It was great to peek in on an [elephants] rehearsal from the outside and see an entirely different process than the one I experienced during A Wake for Lost Time. These cats really love questioning theatre’s role in today’s society.

elephants warmup

A Kitchen Sink Drama plays during Week One (Feb. 17th – 20th) of the 37th Rhubarb Festival @ buddies in bad times. Click the banner below to take you to Rhubarb’s site.

a kitchen sink drama

Performer Profile: We’re From Out West

we're from out west


Jesse Byiers and Thomas McKechnie are hetrosexual life partners who make plays together with [elephants] collective and Katzman Contemporary Working Group and also play in this shitty band called We’re From Out West that they created in the first lonely depressing winter together in Toronto.


Shitty Songs for Shitty Kids is a music-play that uses the music that Jesse and Thomas have written together, their semi-autobiographical accounts of a road trip through eight of the ten provinces in this country, Jack Keraouc’s semi-autobiographical novel On the Road and whatever else is at hand to explore how we create ourselves as individuals. You have to get out and to come back in.


These are some pictures of Jess or [us] doing shit that may or may not be in the play. I (Thomas) took both.


we're from out west ii

Catch Shitty Songs for Shitty Kids at:

poster with hub

Performer Profile: ArteBote Collective


“Before you go to bed…” [working title]

Where does under the bed go? What is the dark? We create monsters of our own reality; the things we are most familiar with. The objects that are most mundane during daylight can become distorted and hideous during the night. What are we so afraid of? Is it the monster or is it the dark?

Do you still sleep with a nightlight?

The Artbote Collective is an interdisciplinary company of five young artists (Jesse Byiers, Stefan Till, Evan Tingle, Katelin Richards, Marienne Castro, Kitty Orsten), most of whom will graduate from the Humber College Theatre Performance program this spring. The company strongly embodies our approach to devised and physical theatre practice that has its roots in the methodologies of Lecoq, Barba, Grotowski and Vasiliev. Incorporating music, visual design, clown, mask and puppetry the company creates theatrical works which are intricate, transparent and push the boundaries of the theatrical form.

The ArteBote Collective will be performing “Before you go to bed…” at Seasonal Activities, v. ii