field notes.02 // [elephants] collective


field notes.
episode 02 // [elephants] collective
a conversation about A Kitchen Sink Drama
with Ximena Huizi, Thomas McKechnie, Krystina Bojanowski and Michael Reinhart

Feb. 11th, 2016
Merchants of Green Coffee

What was originally planned as a meeting with Thomas became, as schedules go, an invitation to watch a rehearsal. It was great to peek in on an [elephants] rehearsal from the outside and see an entirely different process than the one I experienced during A Wake for Lost Time. These cats really love questioning theatre’s role in today’s society.

elephants warmup

A Kitchen Sink Drama plays during Week One (Feb. 17th – 20th) of the 37th Rhubarb Festival @ buddies in bad times. Click the banner below to take you to Rhubarb’s site.

a kitchen sink drama

field notes.01 // A Man Walks Into a Bar

Happy New Year!

I look back on 2015 fondly; it was a formative year for a field of crowns. Seasonal Activities completed it’s first full-year of exploring intimate, multi-disciplinary performance. On&On&On was revived in a variety of incarnations, partnering with both TOES for Dance and the Night\Shift Placehacking Festival in Kitchener. An idea I was toying with found a home at the Etobicoke Lakeshore Culture Days under the name Myths of My Town, and I refined and retooled my performance of Under Hill & Harbour.

I look forward to 2016 with excitement; not only will Seasonal Activities be coming back for another full season, I’m rethinking myths while working on a few others too early to really talk about in any definition.

Oh, wait, I can talk about this one.

A couple years ago I had every intention of beginning a podcast. Listening to podcasts was part of my daily routine and I wanted to bring my enthusiasm for them to the Toronto live performance scene. I even bought a really good microphone. And played with it. A bit. And got scared by it. A lot. And, really, put it away. My enthusiasm, at that point, was then applied to a different, non-podcast, project: my dossier series of blog posts. I am proud of the dossiers, but at heart, I always wanted them to be podcasts.


Here we are. A couple years later and I am excited to announce the launch of


field notes.
episode 01 // A Man Walks Into a Bar
a conversation with Blue Bigwood-Mallin

Dec. 28th, 2015
Pauper’s Pub

Blue messaged me early in December, asking if I would interview him for the Next Stage production of Rachel Blair’s A Man Walks Into a Bar. I helped promote the show in the summer for Fringe, so the idea of continuing a relationship with this show was appealing. I had a day and an afternoon in Toronto between Christmas celebrations in Oshawa and leaving for Pennsylvania to spend New Years at Polymath Park. Luckily, our schedules matched.

Blue Bigwood-Mallin & myself

A Man Walks Into a Bar opens January 6th @ 7:45pm and runs until January 17th.
Click the banner below for all the show information you’ll need.

nstf poster

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