Performer Profile: Aria Evans

Aria Desiccated ii
photo by Aria Evans


“Dear Human, will you miss me when I‘m gone?” –  Water

Desiccated personifies the qualities of water, it explores how the declining water supply levels worldwide will impact and forever change our perspectives and memories of natural water. It asks the question of how to deal with this loss and how we contribute to the problem and solution.

Aria Evans is a multidisciplinary artist working in dance, performance and video. Since completing her BFA Aria is hub14’s co-AD and TRE’s co-founder. Her works have been presented with Labspace studio, Series808 and SummerWorks to name a few and she has participated in works by KDT, Sandra Laronde, Julia Sasso, Susan Lee, Expect Theatre, Peggy Baker and many more.

Aria will be showcasing Desiccated at Seasonal Activities, v.i

Performer Profile: Mateo Galindo Torres

photo by Jeremy Mimnagh
photo by Jeremy Mimnagh

In Voices (working title), I am using the sound of multiple voices in different circumstances as a soundscape. In the current version of the work, the movement is improvised and it follows the rhythm of the soundscape. I am hoping the dramaturgy, as the representation of the dramatic content in the piece, will be created by the relationship between the sound and the movement over the literal meaning of the words.

Mateo Galindo Torres is a dancer/choreographer, with side projects in film, photography and music editing. He has worked in Colombia, USA, Cuba, Panama and Canada, and is currently the artistic advisor of Form Contemporary Dance Theatre. Torres’ work is often politically charged, inspired by social subject matters, and fuses his eclectic movement background.

Mateo will be performing Voices (working title) at Seasonal Activities, v. i.

Seasonal Activities, v. i

Seasonal Activities is a new, bi-monthly performance series with a focus on multi-disciplinarity, experimentation, interaction, conversation and refinement. Each night will showcase a selection of short pieces, from 10 – 20 minutes in length and a host.

Seasonal Activities looks for pieces that play with spatial dynamics and audience-performer relationships.

Volume i is curated by Andrew Gaboury
and supported by hub14 art and performance works

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