Performer Profile: Andrew Gaboury


I’ll be performing a series of poems, or vignettes entitled under hill & harbour. Most of these pieces were written while I was living a transient life and deal with themes of wonder, annoyance and finding the sublime in daily life. I made this piece to be performed in an art gallery (Lisa Pijuan-Nomura’s James Street North Gallery in Hamilton) amongst sculptures and paintings and, as such, have been able to install it at many different sites as one could an artwork (including the side of the street), adapting it to fit each unique location.

Andrew Gaboury is an artist that likes to program himself into shows he “curates.” What a jerk.

Performer Profile: Rob Schuyler


Robert Schuyler is a musician, composer and consultant. A large portion of his body of work can be found online as part of a project called ‘songs by bert,’ an ambitious project that culminated in 83 original songs, many solo, some with his experimental folk/hip-hop band Small Town Treason, and others with musicians like Kristin Cleland. He created the ‘songs by bert band’ and played a series of six shows in residency at the Tranzac in Toronto.

Rob will be playing a selection of new music alongside Justin and Jon Dhama at Seasonal Activities, v.i

Performer Profile: Colleen Snell

Colleen two solitudes

My piece is called “the blue shirt and the dress coat.” It is a danced poem and monologue exploring tensions between a fantastical personal universe and a sudden loss of innocence.

Colleen Snell is a dance artist thrilled by collaboration and collective creation. She has devised and performed multidisciplinary work with a range of musicians, spoken word poets, actors, fight choreographers, visual artists/designers, martial artists and artists of diverse cultural backgrounds between the ages of 4-65. Colleen has explored dance in Toronto (Canadian Contemporary Dance Theatre), at EDCM in Montreal and in England, where she completed a Masters Degree in Contemporary Dance with distinction at the London Contemporary Dance School. She is an artistic associate with TOES for Dance and the director of the Marty award-winning multidisciplinary performance group Frog in Hand. As well as being a trained dancer, Colleen is a certified actor-combatant with Fight Directors Canada, a dance writer with the Dance Current and a selected participant in the National Ballet of Canada’s Emerging Dance Critics program. Colleen is delighted to be an e-choreographer with Springboard Danse 2015.

You can see Colleen perform “the blue shirt and the dress coat” at Seasonal Activities, v.i

Performer Profile: Evan Harkai

Evan Harkai

If Graveyards Were Forests
Last performed in April at Videofag, this piece has evolved drastically since it’s first incarnation as part of Livingroom Theatre’s, “New Art Night”. IGWF is about understanding life, death, influence, love and tangible existence. What would the world be like if instead of stone cemeteries we grew forests for the dead? Relating to his own life experience, Evan takes you through his childhood and asks you to partake in your own storyline while being guided through his.

Evan Harkai
Carpenter with a love of storytelling. Evan’s work has been performed in his head for decades. His writing is a constant evolutionary exploration to understand his childhood psyche. As a mask maker ( he’ll be creating masks for Outside The March’s upcoming production of Mr. Burns.

Evan will be performing If Graveyards Were Forests at Seasonal Activities, v.i